150 Healthiest Foods on Earth: Krill Oil

Krill Oil is even better than fish oil for lowering blood pressure, boosting mood and memory, and even reducing symptoms of PMS.




  1. Liz Grant

    I hate the thought of using the basic food source for so many marine animals. Do we really need it? Not as much as they do! No I am not a vegan, greenie etc. Just sick of us being so damn greedy.

  2. Cathy U. Savage

    Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil is in not illegal in the United States or most any other countries for that matter. Hemp seeds are 35% protein, 47% fat, and 12% carbohydrates. Hempseeds are packed full of protein, which is helpful to build your body’s muscles, tendons, organs, hair, nails, etc. This is especially good for raw, vegan, and vegetarian diets. Hempseeds contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids that are necessary to sustain life. It is increasingly used as a dietary option by those who understand raw food and even by those who are simply looking for a way to live healthier. Going through years of improper propaganda and labeled wrongly by governments hemp and hemp seed oil are still relatively unknown health foods. To experienced doctors or medical researcher’s hemp is one of the most fantastic substances for our body both inside and out. It is important to note that like most raw foods hemp is best not heated to high temperatures, if its redeeming qualities are expected to be kept. Now available in most every grocery store and health food store hemp seed oil is slowly becoming harder to ignore. As one of the best types of oils ever known to human kind it is both amazing and sad that hemp does not get more press. Even among some of the most experienced raw food specialists it is still not regarded as a plausible diet option and simply put, this must change. If you are not including hemp in your daily routine then you are missing out on an available resource that is unparalleled in the oil market.

  3. Lisa

    If I am allergic to shell fish can I take Krill Oil supplements?

  4. Vonda Buckner

    Oil composition and properties Non-refined hemp seed oil extracted by cold-pressing methods varies from off-yellow to dark green and has a pleasant nutty taste, sometimes accompanied by a touch of bitterness. The seed (and therefore the extracted oil) normally does not contain significant amounts of psychoactive substances. Trace amounts of THC, sometimes found upon analysis, are probably due to contamination of the seed by adherent resin or other plant residues although reports to the contrary exist.

  5. Andrea Holloway

    Regular accredited sampling of THC in Canadian hemp seed oil shows THC levels usually below detection limit of 4ppm (parts per million, or 4 mg/kg). Legal limit for THC content in foodstuffs in Canada is 10ppm. Some European countries have limits of 5ppm or none-detected, some EU countries do not have such limits at all.