What Do Home-Cooked Meals Have To Do With Health, Energy And Vitality?

Here’s a tip that can make a huge difference in your health and vitality, and it costs absolutely nothing to implement. It’s not a fancy Brazilian berry, it’s not an overpriced multi-marketing juice, and—(insert eye roll here) it’s definitely not Kangen alkaline water. Yet this simple change in your eating routine can help you boost your health, your energy, and your waistline.

Are you ready?

17 (1)Home-cooked meals are guaranteed to have better ingredients than what’s routinely used in prepared or processed foods.
 You’re not going to add a bunch of unpronounceable chemical fillers, extenders, preservatives, colorings and flavorings. You’re not going to fry in reused, damaged vegetable oils. You’re going to try to buy the freshest ingredients you can find. Those facts alone elevate home prepared meals way above the usual restaurant fare.

Then there’s the intangibles. Dozens of studies have demonstrated that kids that eat meals with their families do better on nearly every metric studied. Food prepared at home with love and mindfulness creates a bond with those you eat with that simply can’t be duplicated with take-out. And the bonding that takes place at family meals can be great for relieving stress, as well as increasing the quality of the relationships.

Home prepared meals don’t have to be huge, time-consuming gourmet affairs. Just start making the shift to home eating one meal at a time. Even a few meals prepared at home and eaten together with family members may make a huge difference in your health, energy and longevity, not only for yourself, but for the entire family!