5 Keys to Permanent Weight Loss After 40

I want to let you know about a FREE upcoming teleclass by my food designer and writing partner on all my cookbooks, Jeannette Bessinger, aka The Clean Food Coach.

Recognized by Better Homes and Gardens magazine as among the nation’s leading experts in food and nutrition, Jeannette Bessinger, the Clean Food Coach, is on a mission to empower overweight women in the primes of their lives with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to reclaim their health, re-discover their waists, and restore their self-confidence.  By emphasizing clean, natural, real food choices, Jeannette guides appreciative women to achieve permanent weight loss, celebrate the end of chronic health problems, and really believe – at a gut level – that the second half of life can be the BEST half of life.

Jeannette has created a breakthrough weight loss program in a hospital setting and has taken hundreds of women down the path of permanent lifestyle change. She has cracked the code for permanent weight loss after 40. And now, for the first time, she is making that information public! She is offering a free teleclass on May 18th that summarizes the 5 biggest weight loss mistakes women are making that are preventing them from losing that weight once and for all.

If you have found it even harder to lose weight in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, if perimenopause or menopause seemed to push your sugar or carb cravings into the stratosphere, if you are getting thicker around the middle, then you cannot afford to miss this call!

On this free call Jeannette will walk you step by step through the 5 mistakes that are holding you back and share the keys for turning them around. If you are really ready to lose that extra weight for good, Jeannette will share the secrets for making it possible, even if you’ve tried a hundred times before.

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