Multivitamin Benefits Stress and Mental Function

A recent study showed that men taking multivitamins had significant improvements on major clinical measures of stress and general well-being.

In the study, 215 health males were randomly assigned to receive either a multi-vitamin-multimineral supplement or a placebo, for just over a month. Compared with placebo, those taking the multi had significant improvements on the Perceived Stress Scale, the General Health Questionnaire (a measure of general mental health), the serial subtractions test (a measure of cognitive function) and the Profile of Mood States (used to measure vigor and vitality).

The multiple included high doses of B-complex, vitamin C and many other vitamins and minerals typically found in a high-quality multiple.

Think multiple vitamins just give you “expensive urine”?

Think again.

“Many people take vitamins and minerals because they perceive that taking them improves various factors such as tolerance to stress, mental health, energy level, and cognitive function”, said legendary icon of integrative medicine Alan Gaby, MD.

“The new study provides scientific documentation for what many of us have known for a long time.”