Just 4 Minutes of this Exercise Burns Fat, Builds Muscle

We know exercise makes us feel good, so why doesn’t that motivate us to do it more often?

Why aren’t people getting their happy-hour fix at the gym?

The number one excuse for not exercising involves time. People often complain to me they just don’t have hours to spend at crowded, overpriced gyms running on elliptical machines.

I want to tell you a kind of exercise that takes you just four minutes and burns fat, builds muscle, boosts metabolism, reduces insulin resistance, and increases your energy levels.

Wait. Did I lose you at the four minutes part?

Seriously: kiss those long hours of treadmills and spin class goodbye.

Burst training, also called high-intensity interval training (HIIT), involves short, intense 30 – 60 second bursts. Remember Rocky and those stairs? That’s burst training.

With burst training, you’ll quickly notice you have more energy, sleep better, and your clothes fit a little looser.

Before you dismiss this as another Susan Somers Thighmaster-type infomercial, there’s tons of science to support these claims.

A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology, for instance, showed that just two weeks of HIIT increased fat burning in moderately active women. And a study in the journal Metabolism concluded HIIT far better reduced fat compared to endurance training in far less time.

You can get these benefits without climbing huge flights of stairs or even stepping foot outside your door with the Xiser. This very cool machine gives you a full body burst training workout in – yup – just four minutes.

The Xiser is well-built, USA-made, with solid steel construction, which means you’ll get years out of this reliable machine. It stores compactly under your bed, is easy to carry, and travels well.

Don’t dismiss the Xiser as another lightweight, useless contraption that will gather dust in your garage.

Trust me: bursting will kick your butt. It will be the hardest exercise you ever do, because you’re performing at maximum intensity for a short period of time. Remember when you did those painful sprints in high school gym class? You get that same out-of-breath feeling.

With the Xiser, you’ll have to come up with a new excuse other than time while you’re not working out.