Diet Secrets of the Hollywood Stars

Oh, did I ever know that headline would get your attention.

OK, are you really, really ready for the real, true, honest dirt? The complete truth about Hollywood diet secrets? I promise you, this is the real deal, and I’m going to back it up with hard evidence, so get set to take notes. Here’s the real, serious-business truth about the dieting secrets of the Hollywood stars:

There are none.

Want proof? I compiled the following from recent interviews and articles on the dieting “secrets” of Hollywood stars: Alicia Silverstone is a vegan. Joan Lunden eats fruit. Jennifer Anniston is on the Zone. Dianne Sawyer does cabbage soup. Heather Locklear likes McDonalds and french fries. Jennifer Lopez eats eight mini-meals. Claudia Schiffer sips green tea. Kate Hudson tracks calories. Sofia Vegara does Pilates. Patricia Heaton eats lots of dairy. Melanie Griffith drinks smoothies. Demi Moore eats high-protein. Nia Peebles shuns protein. Kelly Preston eats oatmeal and bagels.

In other words, as the brilliant writer William Goldman once said about Hollywood….

Nobody knows anythingDollarphotoclub_63617781R1”.

We’d love to believe that everyone in Hollywood has the magic secret and if only we could figure out what it was, we too could look like they do. Nice theory, but it has a few holes in it.

Number one: There’s no “they”. Hollywood stars come in all shapes and sizes and metabolic and genetic types just like we do, and they respond completely differently to different regimens. Just like we do.

Number two: They don’t know any more than we do. Most go to their friends or hairdressers for diet tips, or get introduced to the latest diet guru because they share the same publicist.

Number three: They struggle with the same issues about food and drink, and their bodies respond in the same variety of ways. The only differences are that they do it in full view of the public.

Now this is not a put-down to Hollywood stars. I’ve known many of them and they’re very nice people. Or at least some are. But they are not the best people to turn to for nutritional advice. Why would you expect biochemistry expertise from Gwennyth Paltrow? Because she’s thin? Really?

Yet that’s what people do. Every single day.

There is one secret to Hollywood diets, and it’s the same secret I’ve been telling coaches, clients and readers for years now. It’s the only secret you’ll ever need to know, and if you really get it and accept it, you’ll be on the way to success not only in weight loss but in life. Here it is:

Everybody’s different.

Oh by the way, ‘case you were interested. Mel Gibson doesn’t eat chicken.

Wanna know why?

He read somewhere that men who eat chicken breasts run the risk of sprouting breasts themselves.

Questions, anyone?