Busting Myths About Calories + Cholesterol

Two of my favorite myths to bust are…

  1. The myth that cholesterol causes heart disease.
  2. The myth that all calories are the same.

Earlier in the year I was interviewed by Jonathan Bailor and here are the myths we busted together…

The Great Cholesterol Myth

  • The four major promoters of heart disease (none of them are cholesterol).
  • Why cholesterol is vitally important to your health.
  • The real #1 killer of people in developed nations.
  • Why statin drugs often do more harm than good.
  • The new test everyone with “high cholesterol” should take.

The Calorie Myth

  • Why 128 calories of broccoli are totally different than the 128 calories from a slice of bread.
  • How a “cheat” day/meal every week can ruin your diet.
  • Why simply “eating less and exercising more” won’t help you reach your weight loss goals.
  • How to know if you have a delayed food sensitivity that is causing you to gain weight.

Source Materials

In The Great Cholesterol Myth Stephen Sinatra, M.D. and I give readers a 4-part strategy based on the latest studies and clinical findings for effectively preventing, managing, and reversing heart disease, focusing on diet, exercise, supplements, and stress and anger management.
The Great Cholesterol Myth Cookbook just came out this month! It contains 100 delicious and nutritious heart healthy recipes that will prevent and reverse heart disease and give you back the foods you thought were gone forever.
The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor comes out on December 31st.