Rogue Nutritionist in the Raw

In previous blog posts I pointed you to a controversial new documentary titled that included a few brief quotes from me.

Those little snippets are actually excerpts from a 24 minute interview by the producer of the film.

Here is the full unedited version of the interview if you want to see it…

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  • Carmen

    Great information. I forwarded to friends. How can I watch the next episode?

  • David Griggs

    Perhaps you’ve mentioned this long ago, but I’ve yet to come across it. I’m reading through The Great Cholesterol Myth. As it happened about half way into the book I ran out of Simvastatin. Being convinced that this toxin of 23 years was killing me (I had most of the symptoms noted) I did not reorder. As of this writing I’m seven weeks without the drug, and my life is a living hell. I wish I had read though the part about statins being a great anti-inflammatory, because I’ve been inflamed… all joints ache, mild headaches, even what I thought was a heart attack. By and by I got the part about CoQ10, Omega 3, Carnitine, trocoperol gamma and Ribose. For about five days I’ve been taking them and the symptoms do ebb within an hour or so. I wish a warning had been posted early to not make changes until one finishes the book. Now I wonder if I’ve endangered my life.
    –Otherwise, the book is what I’ve been looking for more than 20 years. Thanks

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