Fruits & Vegetables In A Drink

Everyone knows Oprah’s favorite doctor– Mehmet Oz. He and many other high-energy health-minded people I know are huge fans of green drinks. How do I know?

I spent an hour with him last year while promoting The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth.

As I sat in his studio while he interviewed me for his radio show, I couldn’t help noticing he was sipping from a large container that contained a liquid looking suspiciously like the “green drink” that I start off every single day with — and often drink again later in the day as a boost!

Have you ever head of “Wheatgrass shots?” They’ve been a staple of the high-energy-health food crowd for many years. Loaded with chlorophyll– a natural blood purifier and detoxifier– they contribute to a feeling of well-being and energy. They’re bitter tasting and expensive but thousands of people swear by it.

Green drinks, however, are quite tasty!

The marketplace has responded to consumers thirsty (forgive the pun) for energizing, alkalizing, detoxifying, immune-enhancing effects of wheatgrass and its relatives in the grass family by producing a whole new class of beverage- green drinks.

“Green drinks
” refer to the entire category of juices from barley, wheatgrass, magma, or any combination of whole green foods, including spinach, broccoli, parsley, and virtually any other healthy green thing that grows.

Green drinks pack an incredible nutritional wallop and usually have amazing phytonutrient and vitamin profiles.

Why is a Green Drink so important?

Seventy-five percent American adults and children do not get the minimum recommended servings of vegetables in their diet.

AND!!!! the PaleoReds still goes to the cart at full price!!!!

Of all the Green Drinks available, my absolute favorite is Barlean’s Greens.

Energizing Barlean’s Greens

  • Alkalizing, energizing and promote health
  • Made exclusively from organic sources
  • Low-calorie and low-glycemic
  • Extracts from spinach, organic barley leaf, wheat juice, oat juice, parsley, sea vegetables, chorella
  • Contains herbs like astragalus and schizandra
  • Contains green tea extract
  • Contains blueberry juice powder, strawberry juice powder, curucmin extract
  • Contains full spectrum digestive enzymes
  • Contains organic flaxmeal
  • High nutrient snack
  • Pick-me-up or breakfast juice
  • Takes the edge off your appetite
  • A great part of your longevity program
  • A stand alone- energy boost, or in combination with solid foods.

Together with a high energy protein snack– like tuna– it will keep you going for hours.

Because green drinks are so low in sugar, they don’t give you the “spike and drop” in energy that commercial fruit juice would give you, so you get a nice sustained “buzz,” not to mention the gratification that comes from knowing you’re doing something so good for yourself.

You’ll feel “lean and hungry” enough to take on the world yet not so hungry that you can’t concentrate.

I sometimes add in a couple of ounces of one of the newer, exotic “designer” juices like—my favorite—Noni juice.

And what would green drinks be without their red counterpart? These colors have incredible meaning – the colors indicate the presence of anthocyanadins and other plant chemicals with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. There’s great wisdom in the old adage “your best foods are the most colorful ones”

PaleoReds – Marvelous Red
Fruit Blend Complements Greens!

Just as Green Drinks are rich in nutrients from vegetables – PaleoReds covers the fruits, especially the red ones, which are a rich source of many valuable anthocyanadins and other phytochemicals.

PaleoReds, is a high quality “red” drink that’s also organic and made from extracts of acai juice, organic cherries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, carrots, beets, apples and grape skin extracts.

Sweetened with stevia, it contains only 33 calories per tablespoon and mixes incredibly with Barlean’s Greens for a real “top-of-the-morning” boost.

And by the way, after my appearance on Dr. Oz’s show I sent him a carton of Barlean’s Greens as a “thank you”. Now I’m going to send him some PaleoReds!

I want to see you get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Be sure to check out Barlean’s Greens and PaleoReds today and save 15% on either one or both. Order as many as you like at the discount price!

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  • Cathie McGinnis

    Not a big fan of Dr. Oz, but he is right on about green drinks. Do you prefer the Barleans Green Drink to actually juicing your own with high quality, organic vegetables?

    Thanks, Cathie

    • Hi Cathie

      Obviously juicing your own is always preferable! But the Barlean’s green drink is just a great convenient way to get a lot of the nutrients from the grasses and some of the other ingredients that you might not otherwise consume. It’s not always convenient to juice your own, but if you’re up for it, it’s always the best thing to do!


  • runner

    Jonny: My 10 yr old doesn’t like any vegtables. Will you give me a recommendation for a green drink for her?
    Also I want to thank you for all the great information you put out!!!
    Regards, Runner

    • I’d try mixing PaleoReds with Barlean’s Greens. The Greens are not at all bad tasting (though remember we’re dealing with a 10 year old) but the REDs sweeten it up a bit. You can also try adding some Xylitol (I have it in the web store) which will sweeten without doing a single bad thing. Also feel free to add a bit of organic apple juice or pomegranate juice. He’ll never notice the greens!

      Both Barlean’s Greens and Paleo Reds are on sale this month by the way


  • I am an avid greens drinker! And I actually love the taste, but mixed with oj is good too. Though I have gone more green and raw, it is still hard to incorporate enough. So greens drinker I remain!

  • Interesting take on this subject. I will have to bookmark this site for future reference.

  • Interesting take on this subject. I will have to bookmark this site for future reference.
    .-= Gardener´s last blog ..Edible-Estates-Attack-Front-Revised =-.

  • Bea

    My husband and I are interested in juicing. Especially with wheatgrass. We don’t have a juicer, but have a good hardy blender. Can you effectively juice this with a blender? Also, I have read that the pulp from the wheatgrass is good on the skin. I thought of this for my son who has excema. What are your thoughts?

    We love your book on the 150 foods, received it as a gift and refer to it often!!!


    • I think you just have to try it and see how it comes out!!

      There are some inexpensive juicers now on the market that really get the job done but why not try the blender u have first?


  • Natalie

    New to juicing. My diet has been mainly fresh fruits and veggies, with a little grass fed beef and raw goat milk, for 2 years. Can not make myself eat enough veggies and they really hurt my stomach. I have been tested for Gluten Intolerance but the test can back neg, but I avoid grains except oats because they hurt my stomach. Do have allergy to barley. Will juicing veggies give me the nutrients I need but be easier on my stomach?

    Have read all three of your books on foods. Thanks for info

  • Andrew S.

    From Dr. Andrew weil-Wheat Grass
    Wheat grass, alfalfa, and barley grass are green plants that some people believe to be full of nutritional blessings. They all are a good source of chlorophyll which has some antibacterial effects, but in general there is no evidence to support most of the claims made for these products. Barley grass and wheat grass are the young shoots of sprouted grains. Alfalfa is a legume, usually grown to feed animals. Alfalfa contains a substance that causes symptoms similar to lupus.

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