No Willpower? Bulletproof Your Kitchen!

Know what the first step in any twelve-step program is?

Admitting that you’re powerless over whatever it is you’re addicted to.

And that goes for food as well.

There’s a lot of power in admitting powerlessness, because it opens up possibilities for action.

If there are certain situations- or in this case, foods- that you have a lot of trouble with, get rid of them.

Bulletproof your kitchen.

Why tempt fate?

I personally can’t eat one small portion of ice cream and put the rest away, so guess what I do?

I don’t keep ice cream in the house!

Set yourself up for success by ridding your immediate environment of the stuff you have a hard time with. If it’s not there, there’s much less chance you’ll eat it. And If you live with other people, ask their cooperation or make a separate area of the kitchen that’s just for you—and make the rest of the stuff  in the kitchen off-limits.

Bulletproofing your kitchen is the first step towards setting yourself up for success. It’s one of the first action steps we take in my new permanent weight loss program, Unleash Your Thin »

And by the way, why stop with the kitchen?

Take the lesson you learned about toxic foods and apply it to the rest of your life. Make a list of those “toxic friends”, “toxic situations” and “energy drainers” in your life and start cleaning house. You have enormous personal power to create an environment that supports you in your goals, whether it be weight loss or stress reduction or anything else you want for yourself.

Start using it now. Start with the kitchen- but don’t stop there!

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  • LOL–I’m the same way with ice cream, Johnny, so I don’t keep it in the house, either! If I want some, I have to have it outside the house or I buy one of those small 1/2 cup servings of Ben & Jerry’s they sell at the grocery store.
    And if I have ice cream, I make sure it’s really good, pure ice cream (with all natural ingredients) and I take time to savor every bite!
    Hypnosis and NLP have allowed me to have a new attitude about food, and not be controlled by it. I haven’t had a problem with my weight for 13 years and maintain a healthy size 6 at 46 years of age.

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