Weight Loss Coaching

Diet and nutrition expert, Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS practically invented the field known as “weight loss coaching” and for over ten years was the beloved “Weight Loss Coach” columnist on iVillage.com.

Jonny provides weight loss help for thousands of people all over the world and balances healthy eating, diet tips, nutritional healing, and life coaching for effective weight loss as well as offers one of the best weight loss programs out there bar none.

Jonny's philosophy is not just healthy diets, nutritional foods and exercise, but also deals with the psychological roadblocks that stop people from doing “what they know they should do” and being fit for life.

Are You Interested In Becoming A Weight Loss Coach?

If you’re a health professional interested in learning more about becoming an effective weight loss coach, Jonny Bowden’s acclaimed, Ten Week Intensive Training and Licensing Program, based on his best-selling product, Diet book Camp, is for you – ICF Certified Coach Training Alliance.

Diet Boot Camp

Become licensed to use to use the full Diet Boot Camp System™ with no restrictions. With this program you are able to coach so your clients are virtually guaranteed success, not only in weight loss, but in the rest of their life, as well.

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Mini-Version of Ten Week Coaching Program

Not sure if you want to take the full extended program yet? Be sure to have a look at the mini-version of the course, “The Art and Science of Weight Loss Coaching.”

Become a weight loss coach

The full recording of Jonny’s 8 week course in Weight Loss Coaching! This is the recording of Jonny speaking to a sellout audience at the prestigious Coach Training Alliance, an ICF accredited school for life coaches.

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Jonny’s certified coaches have gone through his rigorous training and supervision program and are licensed to deliver the Jonny Bowden Diet Boot Camp Program in individual and group settings.

One-On-One Weight Loss Coaching

Jonny’s personally trained assistant for seven years, certified weight loss coach extraordinaire Anja Christy, is presently taking personal clients. Anja practices the same philosophy and approach to weight loss as you’ll find in Jonny’s programs.

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