9 Essentials to Weight Loss (2 CD set)

This amazing audio program tells you everything you need to know to turbo charge your weight loss program, including some new ways of thinking about weight loss in the first place!


I've shared my weight loss techniques with thousands of dieters on TV,
over the airwaves, and in books and magazines
And now, I'm revealing to you...

9 Essential Steps To Weight Loss

Come Join Thousands Who Have Followed My Steps!

Listen, I know how you feel. I know what you are up against. You've tried to lose weight over and over without success. The most important thing to know, it isn't your fault.

Why? The advice you've been given has been terribly wrong which is why science shows 75% of all diets fail. That's not very encouraging is it? With my 9 Essential Steps, failing will no longer be in your vocabulary...

If you are skeptical, I hardly blame you. The weight loss industry is a flood of fad diets, books and pills pushed by people who do not address the mind-body connection.

Consider this...

My expertise is backed by a PhD in Nutrition, Masters Degree in Psychology with Six National Personal Training Certifications. I know what works!

My years of study of the human psyche gave me great insight into why some people are successful while others struggle. Most weight loss attempts fail because people neglect to lay the emotional groundwork necessary for weight loss.

In my 9 Essential Steps To Weight Loss Audio Course you'll know success by creating the necessary emotional groundwork that practically guarantees so. You'll learn:

  • The Fundamentals of Weight Loss Success
  • The Exercise Myth
  • How to make Protein work for you
  • Measuring Results
  • Why Fat is Not the Enemy
  • The Real Truth About Calories
  • The "Right" Way to Diet
  • The Mind/Eating Connection
  • And so much more...

Now, Are You Ready For Success?

Then come join the ranks of thousands who no longer battle weight. Discover the power of your own mind to program your body for success. You'll learn the techniques I've used to teach countless people how to lose weight once and for all and keep it off.

My strategies will help you stay on the right track for life. You will learn about the pillars for correct weight loss while learning the role your mind plays in your success.

Don't Hesitate – This is Your Life! Take It To The Next Level and Order Today!

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